BluePrint Cleanse – Juicing Day 1

(Wednesday, January 23)

I have been wondering how I was going to feel only drinking juice all day. Consensus? Pretty good. I had enough energy to sweep and mop the whole house and do some organizing (my exercise for the day). One weird thing is that I was really cold when I wasn’t doing something (like when I was trying to read for class). Like really cold. Like wear a coat in the house-give me a blanket-where are my thick socks?-kinda cold!

Recap of my day:


  • I wake up early on Wednesday because I have an 8am class. I took a quick shower and had my warm lemon water.


  • After I dropped Devin off at school I went to Ellwood Thompson’s. I have class from 8-10:40 and then 11-11:50 on Wednesdays and my juice was supposed to be delivered until 10:30. The “rules” said that on the morning of your delivery you can have fruit but since I was out anyway I decided to buy a juice before class. It had pineapple, strawberry, celery, romaine and cilantro. Very good!!


  • My class that was supposed to get out until 10:40 got out very early today because a guest speaker didn’t show up. I had enough time to run by my chiropractor’s office and run into CVS to get a prescription. As I pulled into my neighborhood I saw the FedEx truck leaving. Perfect timing. I unpacked my juices, put them in the fridge, took a couple of quick pictures and ran to get to my 11am class on time.


  • Home from school and doing some cleaning. My stomach was groaning and grumbling and I looked at the clock…time for juice #2! (They recommend drinking them every 2 hours). Pineapple, apple and mint!

Blueprint juice #2


  • Juice #3 time. I got a late start today and the last juice is supposed to be consumed at least 2 hours before bed…gotta get drinking! Juice #3 is the same as juice #1: romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley and lemon. I loved it. 


  • Spicy Lemonade is up next. It has a little agave in it and cayenne.

BluePrint #4, spicy lemonade


  • Three of the six juices for the day are the same green juice. It was either because Travis and Devin were eating baked chicken at the table beside me or I was tired of this flavor but I couldn’t finish it. Only had a little more than half of the bottle.


  • Cashew “milk”. WOW. Such a treat after only having fruit and veg juice all day! Delish! Can’t wait for the next 2 bottles of this one.

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