BluePrint Cleanse – Juicing Day 2

Today I felt light-headed off and on and I kept dreaming of grilled cheese/pasta…otherwise I felt normal and I have about the same amount of energy. I’m also maybe slightly grumpy at times but Travis has been supportive by telling me that I look really healthy and that he’s proud of me for keeping this up 🙂


  • Devin’s school had a two hour delay due to the light dusting of snow we got late last night. I had my warm lemon water before I left home and had juice #1 in the car.


  • 50 minutes on the elliptical set on level 4. 


  • Leaving home for a chiropractic appointment and then headed to my 12:30 class…I had juice #2 also in the car.


  • My first class on Thursday is from 12:30-3:10. I have decided that I hate the people in my classes that had cookies, Fritos and energy bars! Didn’t want to answer questions about my green drink with the big #3 on it so I decided to wait until he let us to “enjoy” it. Finished it before my next class which started at 3:30. 


  • Travis picked me up from class and I immediately went into my cooler bag for juice #4. The spicy lemonade drink is my second favorite (next to cashew milk, of course).
  • I had 2 cups vanilla chai tea while studying after I got home.


  • I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for Travis and Devin’s dinner. The thought of drinking another green juice turned my stomach and I thought if I skipped directly to yummy juice #6 (the cashew milk) then I also could go to bed at a more decent time. I have to wait 2 hours after the last drink to go bed and at that rate I would have to stay up until 11.

Tomorrow is my last juice day!!!!

2 thoughts on “BluePrint Cleanse – Juicing Day 2

    • ElissaM says:

      Day 3 has been MUCH easier! No more lightheaded-ness. My stomach is growling like the dickens though! And I would enjoy a glass of wine!

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