BluePrint Cleanse – post cleanse feelings

I had three main take-away’s from my cleanse experience:

My previous misconception #1: I ate lots of veggies.

My current understanding #1: I didn’t eat nearly enough veggies!! When I realized how many vegetables are jam packed into each juice I had last week and how many veggies I ate before and after the juicing as stand alone meals I realized that I need to increase my intake. It makes me feel better!

My previous misconception #2: I enjoyed my food and took my time eating it.

My current understanding #2: I can benefit from slowing down even more. Taking the time to chew my food thoroughly. Taking the time to sit down every time I eat and not be reading or on the computer. Give attention to eating!

My previous misconception #3: I ate enough whole foods.

My current understanding #3: I have stayed away from processed foods for a long time but I can do even better than that. I need to incorporate more nutrient rich grains like quinoa, barley and brown or black rice. I also had a bad habit of eating protein bars or cereal and milk for breakfast. I need to eat fruit or smoothies/raw juices in the morning. I need to prepare a nutrient rich homemade breakfast like I do for dinner. Protein bars should be a once-in-a-while-backup-plan not an everyday. Today I had an apple, some raw almond butter and a cup of unsweetened almond milk. Tonight it took me 2 minutes to make some Better Than Yogurt Chia Pudding that I  will enjoy for breakfast in the morning.

Apple and almond butter

Lastly…but not least…I have lost 7 1/2 pounds since January 1st! Working out 6 days a week and cleansing have awesome benefits! I’m halfway to my weight loss goal, happy and motivated to continue!!

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