Springtime DIY projects

I got a major bug last week to refinish our patio furniture. I started with staining our teak bench and before I knew it I had also tackled 2 chairs and 2 side tables!

This is the bench that started it all. AFTER 4 labor-some coats of stain:


This is me staining a side table while my goldendoodle helps out…I mean sleeps…beside me. That may or may not be a bloody mary behind me.

me painting

I thought it would be interesting to stain the bottom and paint the top a contrasting color. After staining the bottom with 2 coats and allowing it to dry overnight, I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and sprayed the top with a few coats of outdoor spray paint. After the spray paint dried, I gave it a coat of the clear stain for extra protection.

outdoor table redo

This side table used to be faded-rusty-black. It got several coats of the same color spray paint used on the wooden table. LOVE!

peacock blue side table

Supplies. Valspar outdoor color spray paint (I went through 2 cans for the 2 side tables) and Minwax outdoor clear stain (1 1/2 cans for the bench, 2 chairs and bottom of a side table).

paint supplies


balcony 2014

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