Whats Going On

I joined a Mom’s club group and they literally have something on the calendar all the time. We have had a blast meeting moms and babies and making friends! Some days events fall during Hudson’s naps. Some days I work. But since mid-July we have met at a 3 different parks for play dates, gone to story time at Whole Foods, gone for 2 stroller walks, gone to 3 pool get-togethers, had a trail walk, met at the Bay for play time and met at the library. I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten. We’ve had a busy few weeks!

Here are a few things we did that I have pictures of:

One of the moms lives 2 blocks from the ocean. We meet at her house and walk over to the Boardwalk with the strollers. This Friday after our walk a bunch of us are getting together for a potluck brunch complete with “mom”osa’s!!

boardwalker's club

Family pool party potluck dinner. I’m holding Hudson but he’s in the shade and you can’t see him!

Pool party pot-luck

We did a trail walk one morning. There was supposed to be lots of mud and all the kids were wearing rain boots but even though it rained the night before the trail was as dry as a bone!

Stumpy Lake

Here’s us at a story-time at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods storytime

And the cutest for last…baby day at Bay. Cutest!!

babies at the Bay


One thought on “Whats Going On

  1. A mom club at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk sounds like an amazing idea! Especially this time of year. Not too hot. Not too busy which is an even better plus. I love how Virginia Beach has so many things for children to do. It’s so kid friendly there. Great job for finding such a nice group for like minded moms!

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