Hudson Gray: Zero to 7 Weeks

It’s a boy!

Introducing Hudson Gray Carper // born June 27, 2015 // 10:01 p.m. // 6 pounds, 9 ounces // 19 inches long

Hudson 4 days old

It took me a long time to get this simple post together. I’ve been suffering from extreme mommy brain complete with forgetfulness and an inability to organize my thoughts to express myself. Mix that up with lack of sleep, feelings of being unproductive and feeling overwhelmed at times and well…here I am. More than six weeks have gone by since my little guy was born. He surprised us by arriving 4 weeks early. He was due on July 24th (daddy’s birthday) but decided that he wanted his own birth month altogether and came on June 27th. I may share a story all about my labor later but the short version is that I woke up that Saturday morning and my water had broken so there was no question that the baby was going to be joining us soon!

He had some extra fluid in his lungs and only got to stay with me for a few minutes after he was born. The NICU team took him away because he had to be on CPAP to keep his airways open

Hudson 6-28-15

Luckily the nasty tubes didn’t have to stay long. He was in the NICU a total of 4 full days. We were at Sentara Princess Anne and the rooms were private (other NICU’s that I’ve visited with friends had the babies all in one big open area with only recliners in between the beds for parents and visitors. I slept in Hudson’s room on a pull out sofa after I was discharged and had a private space to pump and spend time with him. It was really an wonderful hospital and all of the nurses were amazing.

Hudson 2015-06-29

These monitors stayed on him until he was discharged. I know they were important but it was SO annoying trying to breastfeed him and getting him to latch with them on. They were constantly beeping and alarms were going off because they would come loose or a cord would get crimped.

His first few weeks:

Hudson 2015-07-03

Hudson 2015-07-09

 Frog legs 2015-07-14

Hudson 2015-07-27

Hudson first toy 2015-08-05

 Travis and Hud 2015-08-09

Hudson 2015-08-03

Hudson 2015-08-13

Tidbits about Hudson from zero to 7 weeks old:

  • I still wear newborn diapers.
  • I’m starting to grow out of my newborn clothes but the 0-3 month stuff is too big.
  • So far every time my parents have taken me out in the evenings to dinner I have fallen asleep and stayed asleep when I get home.
  • I like long walks on the beach and my mommy and daddy take turns holding me.
  • I do not like rides in the car. I’m either sleeping or crying…mostly crying.
  • So far I like the stroller WAY more than the car seat. My mommy has recently started taking me walks on the Cape Henry trail which connects in our neighborhood and I look all around and then fall asleep. These naps give my mom time to shower when we get home which makes her happy.
  • I hate being cold. Give me all the baby socks and Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I love my cozy jammies for bed time.
  • I only tolerate bath time (see above about being cold).
  • I do like my hair to be brushed after bath time.
  • I like when mommy washes my face. I open my eyes really wide and sit still for her.
  • My mom breastfeeds me. I’ll take it from her or a bottle that she pumps for me…I don’t mind.
  • My daddy says that I like big titties.
  • My aunt Zan is the first person that I ever video chatted with.
  • I fall asleep while I’m eating and while I’m being held but wake up as soon as my mommy tries to lay me down. Every. Time.
  • I make growling sounds like a bear when I’m hungry and squeal-y sounds like a mouse when I’m fussing.
  • We won’t talk about how I sleep at night. Every time my mom has bragged about me I have a couple of sleepless nights and mess it up.
  • As of Friday, August 13 I weigh 8 lbs 2 oz
  • I’m not thrilled about tummy time. Sometimes I’m quiet for a minute but when I realize that I’m face down “WAAAHHHH” happens.
  • My 2 doggies Walter and Randolph kind of ignore me but maybe that’s because they think I fit right in.
  • I like toys that rattle and will stare at them for a few minutes before loosing interest.
  • I don’t like it in the kitchen. Whenever mommy tries to set me in my bouncy seat or swing in there I start to cry. She has a hard time making lunch or dinner because of this. She has perfected one hand free smoothie making though.
  • I had my first boat ride at 5 weeks old.
  • I’m really cute, cuddly, smell good-can’t-stand-it.