Weekly Eats

The latest installment of my week in food:


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, peaches, banana, cinnamon, flax seeds and organic peanut butter

Lunch: Leftover tuna steak and noodles with kimchi on the side

Dinner: Spaghetti night! The noodles were DeBoles organic artichoke pasta (angel hair). The sauce was organic marinara from Fresh Market. The meat was garlic, parsley and orange zest sausage from Sausage Craft. Served with Whole Foods frozen Mediterranean blend veggies…corn, edamame, shredded carrots and broccoli…GOODNESS!


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, blackberries, banana, chia seeds, cinnamon and organic almond butter…very bitter…I think it was the blackberries

Lunch: General Tso’s vegan chicken (from Whole Foods) and edamame pods sprinkled with sea salt

Dinner: Alamo – chicken burrito (salsa, rice, black beans, guacamole, cheese)


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, pineapple, banana, flax seeds and organic almond butter

Lunch: tuna and avocado sushi made with brown rice and red quinoa…from Whole Foods and eaten in the car on the way home from shopping!

Dinner: Sauteed turbo fish. It was on sale at Whole Foods and the fish-monger recommended it. It was ok but compared to all the fresh fish we had in the past month it lacked in flavor. Served with roasted brussel sprouts and quinoa mac-n-cheese


Breakfast: granola bowls

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: turkey meatloaf, potato salad (at Travis request…I ate only a spoonful) and peas


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, banana, flax seeds, cinnamon, cardamom and organic almond butter

Lunch: Sushi from Ellwood Thompson


Dinner: Eat your greens Asian chicken salad

Devin and Randolph  Eat your greens salad


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, banana, strawberries, navel orange, flax seeds, cinnamon and organic almond butter

Lunch: Chipotle burrito bowl. I tried the new vegan marinated tofu…de-lish!

Dinner: The Boathouse – raw oysters, a wedge salad and a fire-roasted crab, brie and asparagus pizza…all shared with my man!


Breakfast: smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, banana, pineapple, flax seeds and organic almond butter

Lunch: scrambled eggs with mixed sliced mushrooms and goat cheese. I also ate some edamame a couple hours later.

Dinner: Kona Grill with friends! Happy 36th birthday Chris!!! 

Pasta with Asparagus, Mini Tomatoes and Buttermilk Cream Sauce

Light, summery, bikini ready pasta and a cream sauce at that!! This recipe was a total experiment from my kitchen and it was delish! Fresh vegetables, comforting pasta and a slightly tangy, very creamy sauce that is good for you due to the buttermilk, whole wheat pasta, part skim ricotta and just a little bit of grated cheese. The guys in my house loved it….of course it was served with grilled burgers and there is a chance they loved the burgers more. But, I will say, later that night when there was pasta leftovers and a leftover hamburger Travis went for the pasta and left the hamburger there! Enough said!

I like to call cherry tomatoes, “mini” tomatoes because it’s cuter. It makes me think of mini chocolate chips and I get excited and want to eat more mini tomatoes 🙂

Pasta with Asparagus, Mini Tomatoes and Buttermilk Cream Sauce


  • 8 ounce package whole wheat thin spaghetti
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 package asparagus, ends trimmed and pieces cut into thirds
  • 1 pint mini (cherry) tomatoes, halved
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta
  • 1/4 cup parmigiano-reggiano cheese, grated
  • 1/2 cup hot pasta cooking water, reserved
  • kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
  • zest of one lemon


  • Bring a large pot of water to boil over high heat for the pasta. Salt the water and add the pasta once it boils. Cook the pasta slightly less than al dente because it will finish cooking after being added to the sauce. In the meantime prepare vegetables. Trim the ends from the asparagus and slice into three equal pieces. Slice tomatoes. Mince shallot and garlic.
  • Once all the vegetables are ready, heat oil over medium heat in large skillet. Add the shallots and garlic to the skillet, season with salt and pepper and cook for 2-3 minutes stirring occasionally. Add asparagus and cook for 6-8 minutes stirring every minute or so. Add buttermilk to a small saucepan and heat but do not bring to a boil. Add tomatoes to skillet, then add cooked spaghetti noodles, about 1/4 cup of the pasta water and the heated buttermilk. Toss together with tongs. Let simmer on medium-low heat for a minute or two then add the ricotta and the grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese and stir again. If pasta sauce is too thick add a little more of the reserved pasta. Check seasoning to see if any salt and pepper are needed. Top with the grated lemon zest. Serve warm.