Whats Going On

I joined a Mom’s club group and they literally have something on the calendar all the time. We have had a blast meeting moms and babies and making friends! Some days events fall during Hudson’s naps. Some days I work. But since mid-July we have met at a 3 different parks for play dates, gone to story time at Whole Foods, gone for 2 stroller walks, gone to 3 pool get-togethers, had a trail walk, met at the Bay for play time and met at the library. I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten. We’ve had a busy few weeks!

Here are a few things we did that I have pictures of:

One of the moms lives 2 blocks from the ocean. We meet at her house and walk over to the Boardwalk with the strollers. This Friday after our walk a bunch of us are getting together for a potluck brunch complete with “mom”osa’s!!

boardwalker's club

Family pool party potluck dinner. I’m holding Hudson but he’s in the shade and you can’t see him!

Pool party pot-luck

We did a trail walk one morning. There was supposed to be lots of mud and all the kids were wearing rain boots but even though it rained the night before the trail was as dry as a bone!

Stumpy Lake

Here’s us at a story-time at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods storytime

And the cutest for last…baby day at Bay. Cutest!!

babies at the Bay


Our Home: Before and After

I’m really trying not to be a stranger on my own blog. I miss writing. I miss me.

Centuries ago I promised to share before and after pics of my house so I thought I would start with that (ok, just since April 2015 but it seems like forever ago!).

Old entryway. New entryway (right)

2015-04-08 08.14.25

Old office area.


New office area (right). There was still blue painters tape on the floor back when I took that picture.


We tore out a lovely swordfish mosaic bar.old bar

The bar was built into the wall which left a hole in the sheetrock when it was removed, had 2 hanging pendant lights and wall sconces and had tile flooring behind it and a sink with plumbing that needed to be dealt with.

bar removedbar sink being removed

Once the bar was out and lots of electrical and patchwork was completed that corner became my dining room!

2015-04-25 15.28.03

Right beside the bar was a glamorous glass brick designer wall. That.Had. To. Go. We borrowed an electric saw from a neighbor and cut it out ourselves, leaving the patching to the professionals. The best thing about taking this wall out is that we now have an open view from our living room to our front door!

glass block wall being removed

Old entryway and stairs.

old foyer

New entryway. The staircase is steel and used to be silver. We had it painted white to match the trim. The stairs were also refinished to match the new hardwoods. The space was really brightened up!

new foyer

Old first floor hall.

old hallway

New hall. I like this view because you can see how the old laminate runs lengthwise down the hall and the new hardwood runs width-wise. It visually makes it looks wider.

new hallway

Old blue living room.

old living room

New gray living room, new ceiling fan….ahhhh and those floors. I enjoy them everyday!

new living room

It feels good to finally share this. Hoping to keep the sharing going!

Barefoot and Pregnant – Our Wedding in Pictures

Travis and I got married on Saturday, May 30th. We threw a party in our backyard, made some food and ordered some food, stocked our bar, had a small local band play and invited 40 of our closest friends and family to help us celebrate. I was 32 weeks pregnant and he was barefoot when we walked down “the aisle” (which was a sidewalk leading to our backyard) and shared our vows. The day couldn’t have been more perfect!!

walking down the aisle

Travis, Elissa and Kuzma

cut the music2

ceremony Elissa and Travis

holding hands

ring exchange

Travis Elissa wedding2

Dance kiss

Coastal living scene

dont get bbq on the white dress

Elissa, Marna, Scott and Emily

Laura, Elissa, Marna and Emily

Teresa, Dana, Chris, Elissa and Zandria

cutting the cake2

feeding cake to Travis

sharing the cake

wedding kisses

Travis jammin

Pictures of my Wednesday

I went shopping for fabrics to recover some chairs we bought at an estate sale. Still haven’t decided…


We played at the Bay near the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier…

Travis at the Bay

Elissa, bay, 27 weeks

Elissa, 27 weeks and Walter

Elissa 27 weeks

I cleaned the pool house while Travis cleaned the pool. It was recently painted like the rest of our house (pics on that to come soon). That back wall where the bar counter is used to have navy blue and bright yellow stripes! That’s my yummy cherry root flavored kombucha on the counter.

walter in the pool house

pool house

Kane chilling by the canal. You can see the sunset reflected on the water.

Kane by the floating dock

The sunset…

sunset 4/29/15

20 Weeks

Sunday was amazing. Our days got longer. The high was 68! We worked in the yard and house and ended our day with a sunset cruise!
Sunday boating
daylight savings sunset
I posted this masterpiece on Instagram last week for #tbt. It’s something I drew when I was 4 years old…my mom expecting my younger sister Angela!
My mom expecting my sister Angela
12 weeks versus 20 weeks. I took the 20 week pic yesterday after spin class. What a change!
12 weeks vs 20 weeks
How far along? 20 weeks
Baby’s size: about the size of a banana and about 10 1/2 inches long from head to toes
Total weight gain: 10 pounds
Symptoms: I had the strangest thing happen today. I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car waiting for my fiance to come outside and my feet and legs got extremely tingly and right after noticing that I got very dizzy and lightheaded. For some reason instead of sitting still and relaxing I felt like I should go inside and lay down. I made it to the kitchen and almost fainted. Luckily Travis caught me and helped me to the sofa. I felt better after shutting my eyes for a few minutes but I still called my doctor’s office to see what they thought. They asked about how much water I had been drinking and what I had for breakfast. They mentioned that maybe my blood pressure and iron needed to be checked. Because I have had a healthy, normal pregnancy so far they decided that I didn’t need to come in and asked me just to monitor it and call back if/when it happens again. I have an appointment Friday for an ultrasound and next Monday for my regular check up so I’m not bothered about not being seen like I would be if my next appointment were a couple weeks away.
Clothes: I didn’t take my regular weekly pic today because I haven’t felt well since the almost fainting episode. I’ll tell you about my clothes from my Sunday boat trip. My plaid button up is Superdry brand (non-maternity). My tank is the same from last weeks update, a maternity ribbed knit jersey tank from Old Navy. My shorts are Target (non-maternity) and in case you wondered they aren’t buttoned or zipped…thanks belly band!
Workouts – Last week (Mar 3 – Mar 9):
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga class
  • 4 miles on the elliptical
  • and another 1 hour spin class
Last week: We bought our current home last November knowing that it needed some updating. Our first 2 projects are getting hardwood floors installed and having the entire house painted. Last week we had 3 different contractors out to measure and quote for flooring. We’re excited to make a decision and get started with the reno! Also, as of Saturday we are finally experiencing constant spring whether. I’ve been digging old plants out of my potting containers outside, picking up sticks, trimming dead palm tree branches and just enjoying being in flip flops.
Cravings: Whole Foods brand of “cheerios” with milk or almond milk and best with banana and granola. Lemon hummus…I accidentally bought it but it was a good accident….it’s delish and SO good with rice crackers. Any kind of yogurt. After grocery shopping, I usually have 6-8 different flavors in the fridge. Avocados on toast. Avocados on chicken. Avocados in general. Stoneyfield organic creme caramel frozen yogurt. I’m proud that I can make a pint last 3 nights 🙂
Drinking: Decaf. Water. Zevia Ginger Ale. Coconut water. Unsweetened iced tea with fresh lemon.
Looking forward to: My ultrasound on Friday is top of the list. We also ordered our crib today to celebrate the 20 week mark. We decided on the Babyletto Hudson crib in white. I also got an organic crib mattress to go with it. Both are from All Modern. Free shipping and they will be here by Monday!

July Baby

Three whole total days after we closed on our new house last November we got some exciting news (and if you follow me on Instagram you already know)…

pregnancy test

We’re having a baby in July! He/she is due on Travis’ birthday!! Our family has lots of July birthdays going on during that month. My birthday, Travis (of course), my maternal grandma, my oldest nephew Ryder, my brother-in-law Paul, my good friend Dana had her twin girls on the 11th in 2013 and last but not least my goldendoodle Randolph who will be 7 this year.

12 weeks

14 weeks

16 weeks

A few facts and updates:

How far along? 16 weeks
Baby’s size: about the size of an avocado
Total weight gain: about 6 pounds
Clothes: Wearing an AG Adriano Goldschmied denim jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue (non-maternity). It was a splurge when I graduated in December 2013. My tank is a perfect fit tank from J Crew in heather dusk (non-maternity). My skirt is a Chevron-Stripe Jersey Maxi Skirt from Old Navy (maternity). Only $22 on sale right now! You can’t see the stripes in this picture but it’s super cute! I’ve purchased several maternity items and should do a post dedicated to that. It would be fun to have a friend take some pictures for me so they aren’t all mirror selfies.
Miss Anything? I randomly stare at people enjoying glasses of wine when we go out to eat 🙂
Symptoms (so far): I was super lucky and had zero morning sickness during my first trimester. On the flip side I was very tired. There was one day that I literally was in bed all day and slept probably 20 hours. I got up to pee and I ate a couple of times (yogurt and a pb&j) but that was it. I took naps when I could and climbed into bed before 8pm. It’s nice that the time had changed and it was dark anyway. I can’t imagine wanting to do that during the summer! The tiredness went away around 11 weeks. It was noticeable that I felt better…my fiance even said something.
Sleep: I went from sleeping a lot to not being able to sleep. I stay up until around midnight every night. I toss and turn from my right side to my left side. Should I buy one of those pregnancy body pillows everyone raves about?
Cravings: Coconut. Coconut yogurt especially. But also coconut in granola and toasted coconut. I eat yogurt, granola and fruit almost every morning. I make a big deal out of making it look nice and then I get back into bed and enjoy it while browsing around on my phone. Here’s one of my combos from last week:
yogurt, fruit, granola bowl
Can’t stand the thought of: spinach! I used to love to cook down fresh baby spinach in a little water and have it was a side for dinner or for lunch with a fried egg on top. Not now. I’ve tried it multiple times and the taste is awful! I made  chicken thighs one night and asked Travis if he thought they were bad. He thought they were great. ***sigh*** Guess it was just me!
Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment next Monday. I can’t wait to hear the babies heartbeat again!

Rosemary and Olive Oil is now Sand and Salt

As soon as I knew that we were moving to the beach I wanted to change the name of my blog. Yes, that was last summer. I like to take my time.

I wanted something to match our new surroundings and give a nudge to the kitchen.

So “sand” because duh.

Walter and I

And “salt” because FOOD.

Southwestern Black Bean and Corn Salsa

And “salt” because I live near where the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic ocean kiss each other goodnight.

va beach sunset

More salt. Me selfie-ing while driving.

on the road again

This is my back yard! My kayaks. My kid. My 2 dogs.


My kitty.

Kane exploring

Those life vests though!

doggy life vests

Alert to the fiance in the rear view.

dune buggy

So do you like sand…


…not in your yogurt…

yogurt bowl

…and salt?

mex quinoa

Estate Sale and Consignment Store Finds

As you may (or may not) know, our family moved from Richmond, Va to Virginia Beach, Va back in August. We moved from a 3 story townhouse in downtown Richmond to a 1 1/2 story house with our own yard, a pool which is off of the Lynnhaven River. Our dogs love being able to run out of the back door and be in their own yard. I may be creating a new blog or changing the name of this blog to go along with my new coastal lifestyle! Be on the lookout!

I’ve been to a few sales and consignment stores recently and once again came away with some awesome deals! I love when I can sell something I can no longer use and spend the money on something “new to me”.

I bought this desk at a consignment store. The owners of the shop purchased it and re-stained the top and distressed the bottom of the desk and the chair with Annie Sloan chalk paint. My friend Lindsay introduced me to chalk paint a month or so ago and this was the first time I had seen it used it person. I spent 3 hours last Sunday reading blogs about it. I think I’m hooked! The desk will be perfect for my guest bedroom/craft room…especially after I paint the bright-obnoxiously-blue walls!

my new desk

This is a basket that I got from an estate sale for $2. It could easily hold a pie or be a tray for a plate. It’s super sturdy and heavy too.

pie basket

At the same sale I got an antique wooden box that at one time was used to ship tin foil. They wanted $45 for it but it was the last day of the sale and everything was half-off. I couldn’t resist it at that price! The bags and misc items in the middle of the picture are fishing lures and such that my fiance picked up. I also got a small metal stool for $1.50. I may use it  for decor or for my nephews to reach the sink to brush their teeth when they visit 🙂

misc estate sale finds

I was super excited about these baskets when I snagged them for $4. Something told me they were worth a lot more. Sure enough when I got home and did a Google search I found the same nesting baskets listed for $85! I’m keeping them!

nesting baskets

nesting baskets

That’s all for now. I have a side table I’m currently working on painting and re-tiling that I’ll share here soon!